Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Globe Tattoo@Home Wimax 1 Mbps Internet Mobility & Landline Solution, Price and Plan Details

Globe Tattoo@Home Wimax 1 Mbps comes in two flavors, a Data Only (Plan 999) and a Voice Activated bundle (Plan 1,099) where an extra basic telephone set is connected to the modem for local calls only initially. NDD/IDD and other value-added features can be activated by visiting any Globe Wireless Center (Store) in your area or by calling Customer Service on your Globe/TM mobile phone. Dial 211 for Customer Service Representative. This call-in service is available 24/7.

Globe Wimax Bundle
Globe Tattoo@Home Wimax 1 Mbps is designed for light-moderate internet usage. Plan 999 and Plan P1,099 comes with 1Mbps UL/DL capability and is excellent for YouTube, Online Gaming, and Multimedia downloads.  Globe Tattoo@Home Wimax 1 Mbps is one notch up from Plan 799.

Globe Tattoo@Home Wimax 1 Mbps is also mobile, detach the external antenna cable from the modem and take it with you anywhere you go. However, the modem can only be used in areas where Wimax is available.

Requirements for application are: A photocopy of one (1) Valid ID, Filled-Up Application form and P999 / P1,099 Installation/activation fee.

Call/Text: 09178225583 for Ilocos Norte Applicants and I will be very glad to assist you...

Read Before You Apply
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