Thursday, June 14, 2012

Remedies for Globe Wimax Weak Signal Problem

A client once complained to me, "When you installed my Wimax, the signal was very good, but now I only have one bar." Then I continued to ask him when was your Wimax connected? He replied "Oh it's been two years from now!"

This casual conversation prompted me to inspect his antenna and modem. I performed several tests and found out that nothing is wrong with the devices. I went out and found out that a tree had grown in two years time between the Node (Globe's Antenna Tower) and his Wimax antenna. So it's very obvious that the signal quality degraded in time due to a blockade caused by the tree.

To overcome such situation, where weak signal is concerned. We can do several things to clear the "way" between the Wimax antenna and the Node so that they can "see" each other. Wimax Technology is still not perfect where a line of sight is needed for an efficient communication between two points. From point A-B and vice versa.

You can do any of the following:
  1.  Check the SMA connector if its loose. Tighten the connector to ensure efficient RF energy transfer.
  2. Reposition the bearing of the antenna. The antenna should be facing the source of RF signal (Node).
  3. Adjust the elevation of the Wimax antenna so that it will be aligned perfectly in the direction of the RF energy source (Node).
  4. Relocate the Antenna avoiding being blocked by any object between it and the Node.
  5. Increase the height of the Wimax Antenna. Additional GI Pipes might be needed to do this.
Take note of the signal level indicator as you perform such antenna adjustment and relocation. Fix the antenna tightly so as to avoid movements during bad weather conditions.

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