Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Globe Tattoo@Home Wimax Cheapest Internet Service, Price and How to Apply

With soaring commodity prices in mind, a budget internet connectivity solution is available from Globe Tattoo@Home Wimax at Plan P799 per month. The plan includes a 512 Kbps upstream/downstream speed, a modem and antenna attached to a pole on the roof or without an antenna provided the requisites prescribed by Globe Telecom are met.

Globe Tattoo Wimax Modem

Plan 799 allows light surfing, a minimal speed needed by students for internet research. It also is excellent for social networking, chatting, emailing, photo downloads, internet radio listening and is great for Skype video calls.

Application is easy, contact an Agent in your area, I'm sure you always see them around distributing flyers and marketing materials. Be ready with a valid ID and P799 for installation/activation charges. Fill-up the application form and you are set. Next-day installation is assured, but provided you applied early in the morning, installation is usually done same day.

For those in Ilocos Norte you can always contact me via 09178225583 and I would be very glad to assist you.

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